About HLV Wiring and Automation


HLV is a certified, registered, bonded and insured electrical contractor serving Vancouver and BC's lower mainland.

With a focus on specialty work - from communications, to automated control systems, to consumer electronics and professional audio-visual work, HLV strives to offer the latest and the greatest in both technology and service performed.

With single-handedly more than 28 years of experience in commercial electronics, and more than 300 homes and businesses served in communications and electrical work over a 12 year period, the founder of HLV was certified and licensed by the BC Safety Authority in 2010.  Prior to licensing, he also commisioned automation systems on 2010 Olympics projects such as Vancouver's Canada Line Stations and Athlete's Village Buildings, among other large projects including multiple hi-rises and an NHL-sized arena.

HLV itself was registered in 2011 to provide specialty services to meet the needs of BC's lower mainland businesses, home owners, and contractors.

HLV's mission is to provide quality installation and service work delivered on time and on budget.  Estimates can be quickly and easily arranged and many service calls can be resolved on the first visit.

Call HLV at 778 839 3042 or make contact online - we look forward to hearing from you!




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